TiSsi Felix Learning Tower - Dove Blue

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The tower that grows with the child. Learning Tower lifts your child to the optimal position. The tower brings your child closer to your kitchen or table so that the child can participate early in the social and can learn from the adults.
At the same time developing social skills. The Learning Tower lives up to all internal security standards thanks to its long development process. Optimal freedom of movement aged 1 to 4 years.

Now even the youngest can stand at eye level in the kitchen and, among other things, help cook.

Stair Steps and Stand Plate is adjustable in height.
Solid beech wood guarantees long shelf life and high stability.

Extremely stable on All pages and ergonomically developed.
Easy to Mount.
Dimensions Mounted: Approx. 40 x 89 x 40 cm Product weight: approx. 9 kg

max. Carrying capacity: 250 kg.

Tissi provides a 10-year warranty When purchasing this product. Span>

Since the Learning Tower is produced in primarily solid beech, the wood will be affected by the wood during transport, changes in temperature and moisture conditions. If the tower tilts slightly after assembly, it can be adjusted with the following procedure: Loosen all screws 3-4 rpm, then strain the tower (adult person) while another person tightens all screws again and then loosen part 6 for stability. Hereby the learning tower is adapted to the new room climate and flooring.