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Delicious children's melamine in gift box with motifs from Sebra's theme Dragon Tales - a tale of dragons and knights.
The gift set contains five products: a flat plate, a deep bowl, a cup and a children's cutlery set (spoon and fork).

On the flat plate there is an illustration of a dragon and a knight in armor . At the bottom of the deep plate, the child finds a knight for horse with armor and lance. On the cup there is a print of four different kites. The cutlery is designed with regard to small mouths and hands. It is well in the child's hand, which makes it easier for the child to learn the technique. The children's cutlery is made of stainless steel with plastic grip and comes in a dusty dark blue color.

plate, cup and deep plate are made of 100% melamine and comes in a beautiful gift box which makes this set very suitable As a baptismal gift or 1-year birthday gift.

Match the products with the other service parts of the Dragon Tales the Melamin collection for a complete expression around the dining table.

Recommended age: 4 months+
Instructions for use: Suitable for serving only.
Cleaning: The products can withstand the dishwasher - max. 65 degrees in the upper basket. Clean the product before first commissioning.

melamine products for foods do not withstand microwave and food over 70 ° C.

for your child's safety and health. WARNING! Use only the product under the supervision of an adult. Check the product every time before use. Boxes at first sign of injury or wear. The product can break if lost. Always check the food temperature before serving.

The product is labeled with the glass and fork symbol, which means that the product meets the requirements for food contact materials.

All Sebras Melamine Products review closely controls, and tested by external, accredited analysis institutions to secure , that melamine products do not emit harmful substances, including melamine and formaldehyde to foods in quantities exceeding the permissible limit value. SEBRA's melamine products are in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 284/2011 and Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Sebra is subject to the Danish Food Authority's control as the company sells plates, bowls, cups and Cutlery - all so -called food contact materials. Sebra today has the best possible Danish quality stamp in relation to food security.

About the theme Dragon Tales
With small tales, the child is invited into a real dragon universe. Here the child meets the forest dragons, castle carriers, flying dragons, hungry dragons and fiery dragons. Together with each of their loyal knights, the dragons explore the snow -capped mountain peaks, slowly running streams, deep blue forest lakes and volcanoes in the eruption. They embark on adventures, and visit villages and castles. Dragon Tales are small tales of friendships, of being able to live together despite great differences, and of the desire to experience and explore new areas.