Oopsy Toothbrush Practice Set with 3 Parts - Plum

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toothbrush rehearsal set for baby's sore gums and first teeth.

The toothbrush set from OOPSY is the perfect set when the first teeth start to pipe out. Make the toothbrush a nice and nice time for everyone by giving your minimian the little rehearsal toothbrushes.

The set comes with three toothbrushes. Two with knobs and dips that are so lovely on sore gums and that baby can chew in. And a 3rd toothbrush which is a real toothbrush.

The perfect set , when it should be easy and nice to brush baby's teeth.


Step 1: The toothbrush is used for gums there claws and is sore, as well as during tooth decay.

Step 2: The toothbrush is used in time when the teeth break out - it is ultra soft and gently brush the child's new teeth.

Step 3: The toothbrush Used when the teeth are broken completely. Can be supplemented with the child even using Step 1 - then the toothbrush becomes a good experience for both child and parents.

Mount the shield on the toothbrush to prevent the child from getting the toothbrush too far down the throat.

Note - The toothbrushes are not a toy and should only be used under the supervision of an adult.

Handle: Polypropylene
Soft parts: TPE
Hair: nylon