Oopsy Nasal Aspirator with Flexible Tip - Blue

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nasal saps with soft tips from OOPSY.

Use the nasal swallow on your baby or your toddler when the cold has put in.

A snot swallow/nasal swab removes snot and mucus from the baby's airways so that the little one can breathe through the nose during breastfeeding or bottle.


Press the soft pump together before leading the snot swallow into the nose.

Then gently before the tip of the sucker into the nose and slip the pump. This forms a suction and will remove the mucus from your child's nose.

Supplement with saltwater drops that loosen solid mucus.

Separate all the parts and wash them thoroughly in hot water.

scald with boiling water.

Measures and specifications

polypropylene (pp).
Warning: Store out of reach of children.