Yumbox Lunchbox - Original - 6 compartments - Neptune Blue/Rocket

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Original lunch box with 6 compartments from Yumbox.

Yumbox is a super practical, tight-fitting and chemistry-free lunch box for you or your mini-person. The lunch box with the smart space-tuned tray insert ensures that all conditions are present to create a healthy distribution and a varied lunch. Give inspiration when the lunch box is filled. Partly, they will excite your child as the lunch box is emptied of food.

When the lunch box is closed, the smart silicone frames in the lid ensure that all rooms in the lunch box are sealed so that the food is not mingle. In this way, the food stays fresh and delicious for the longest possible time.

goals and specifications

< < P Data-Mce-Fragment = 1> 22 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm.

Free of BPA and PHTALATES.

tray, but not the lunch box itself, withstands dishwasher.

About Yumbox Original 6 Rum

Yumbox Original has the same size as Yumbox Panino, but the space distribution is different. Original fits well with children who do not eat near as much rye bread, but should rather be tempted with variation in the lunch box. For example, it can be a crèche - or preschooler. In the largest room can be 3 half pieces (rectangular) rye bread, eg separated with intermediate paper. Original is also good for a larger snackbox on an excursion, on the car trip-or to the cave in the living room, after the nursery.

Important < /Strong>

Return and exchange rights lapse if the plastic foil around the lunch box is broken. This is because the surface of the lunch box is extremely susceptible to scratches and fingerprints.