Vanilla Copenhagen Swim Vest Neo Float w. frill - 6-8 yrs - Lucy Lavender

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Swim vest Neoprene
Small children will swim like small fish in the water with a swim vest on.
Bath vest in Neoprene from Vanilla Copenhagen. A vest increases your child's comfort and safety in the water. The inner foam helps with safety and natural buoyancy in the water.
Bathing vest has 8 internal foam that can be removed so that the swim vest is adapted to the child's size, needs and abilities (detailed instructions included).
S: 18-36 Mrd. (Max. 20 kg)
M: 4-6 years (max. 25 kg)
L: 6-8 years (Max. 35 kg)
Size Guide: 18-36 Mrd: Up to 20 kg-Breast size up to 54 cm 4-6 years: Up to 25 kg of breast size up to 59 cm 6-8 years: Up to 35 kg. Breast size up to 65 cm. You need to make sure the child has the optimal buoyancy. The right level is when baby is at the same level as you when you step water where the water is around your shoulders - otherwise baby is unstable or overturned in the water. You can adjust the buoyancy by simply removing some of the swimmers from the pockets of the swimsuit. When the child is at the right level, the child will easily be able to control his buoyancy. You can easily remove the swimmers from the bathrobe by removing them from the pockets inside the bathrobe. Always remove 2 floats at a time, one from each side and with the same number. For example, 1 and 1 hover on each side, the same goes for 2, 3 and 4.
Swim jacket in 2 mm soft neoprene (same material as swimming pants) with a durable layer of nylon on both sides, sturdy seams and a strong YKK zipper.
CE European Standard: EN 13138-1: 2014
Point -free foam filling that can be removed
A swim jacket increases the comfort and safety of the water and protects against the sun (SPF 50+)
ykk zipper with velcro closes so the child can't open it
The swim jacket is 100% free of phthalates and without latex
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®
Note: The vest is not a life jacket and should never be worn as such. Your children should always be under the supervision of an adult.