Sebra Stackable Boxes - 10 pcs. - Pixie/Dragon - FSC Mix

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Stack boxes that can be used to build a tall tower or as putting boxes. Here with print from Sebra's themes Dragon Tale and Pixie Land.

The stack boxes come in a fine box and each box has beautiful illustrations from the themes Dragon Tales and Pixie Land. The child thus finds illustrations with the mini -seasons pixies, bumble bees and berries, but also knights and dragons. The stack boxes have different sizes and for the smaller children it is fun to stack the boxes on top of each other and build a tall tower ... to overturn it again, to great joy and enthusiasm. The smaller children will also find joy in using the stack boxes as a cocktit. For the slightly older children, on each box there is a number from one to 10, so the stack boxes can also act as a tool to learn the small numbers and concepts as the largest and least. The largest box thus has the number 10, while the smallest has the number 1. Quantity and the visual appearance of the number.
Put the boxes in each other if they need to fill a little less or use them as a decoration element in the children's room when not used for play.

The activity toy is designed in Denmark.

Recommended Age: 1+.
Marking: CE, UKCA.
Cleaning: wiped with cloth.

Attention: Avoid the baby biting in the boxes as moisture can affect them.

on the theme of Pixie Land
Pixie Land takes the baby with Into a cozy and nostalgic tale of the little mini -seasons "pixies", which with great enthusiasm move around between forest floor plants, berry bushes, fallen acorns and chestnuts. Nature and the magic of the forest create spaces to immerse themselves in, and with ladybugs, the grasshoppers and other crab-crable animals, such as faithful helpers, the "pixies" collect the many gifts of nature. Pixie Land is about the community and about giving. It is a world where there is time to let your mind wander, where there is room for immersion and how enthusiasm's joy of having found a mature forest strawberry or a four -leaf clover is in fact the essence of it all.

About the theme Dragon Tales
With small tales, the child is invited into a real dragon universe. Here the child meets the forest dragons, castle carriers, flying dragons, hungry dragons and fiery dragons. Together with each of their loyal knights, the dragons explore the snow -capped mountain peaks, slowly running streams, deep blue forest lakes and volcanoes in the eruption. They embark on adventures, and visit villages and castles. Dragon Tales are small tales of friendships, of being able to live together despite great differences, and about the desire to experience and explore new areas