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mums [ˈmɔs] The plate is a practical, aesthetic and playfull children's plate with high edge, which makes it very suitable for young children. The plate comes in a set of two, in the color Bottle Green.
The plate is produced in Denmark and is prepared in bioplastics with wood fibers - a food -approved material with a smaller CO2 footprint compared to a pure fossil -based plastic material. "Mums" is an expression that is used in Denmark when something is very tasty or otherwise comfortable… and comfortable, both in appearance, scent and feeling, is just that mum's [ˈmɔs] series is.
The series consists of cups, plates and bowls in four different color variants.

Wooden scent - a series of good conscience.
Mums [ˈmɔs] Children's Service Series is designed and produced in Denmark. The series consists of children's bowls, children's plates and children's cups, and is designed for the families with children who value simplicity around the dining table, but also dare to give way to a playful expression. For again, mums [ˈm transl] is designed for the families of children, but most for the children. They are born curious and playful, and do not worry about "clean lines", aesthetics and minimalism - and therefore there must also be room for an elephant or two in the middle of the dining table. And exactly Sebra's classic elephant "Fanto" adorns all the parts of the series.

What does the bioplastics consist of mum [ˈm announcing?
The bioplastics are made of bio -based raw materials, ie plant parts. To mums [ˈm announces] has maize used.

Why are wood fibers added to mums [ˈm transl]?
The bioplastics utilize the versatility of the plastic and with the addition of wood fibers, the amount of plastic content is reduced. This means a reduced amount of CO2 compared to a pure bioplastical product or a petrochemical product of, for example, oil or natural gas.

Is new wood felled to add wood fibers to mums [ˈm announces]?
No, it doesn't. The wood fibers used are a residual product from a larger wood production.

Is the bioplastics of Mum's [ˈm transl] CO2 neutral?
No, but the bioplastics itself does not emit more CO2 by combustion than what the plants have absorbed in the field in connection with cultivation. Compared to a fossil -based plastic material, the bioplastical atmosphere loads significantly less. With the complex CO2 accounts, for example, energy comes to manufacture and transport, which of course pollutes, but this also applies to plastic, based on oil or natural gas.

How do I get rid of mums [ˈmɔs] after use (eg due to wear or changed needs)?
Mums [ˈm announces] The series must be waste sorted as hard plastic.

Recommended age: 4 months+
Cleaning: The products can withstand the dishwasher - top basket. Clean the product before first commissioning.

for your child's safety and health. WARNING! Use only the product under the supervision of an adult. Check the product every time before use. Boxes at first sign of injury or wear. Always check the food temperature before serving.