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Sweet melamine plate with high edge, but illustrations from Sebras Theme Pixie Land - a tale of the mini -seasons "Pixies" and the many joys of the forest floor.
Match the product with the other service parts of the Pixie Land Melamin collection for a complete expression around the dining table.

On the plate, the child finds a Pixie girl and a beetle with a berry on his back. The illustrations can make the meal more fun and the motifs can be actively used if it is difficult to get some food in the baby. Who is hiding under the peas or mashed potatoes?

Recommended age: 4 months+
Instructions for use: Suitable for serving only.
Cleaning: The product can withstand the dishwasher - max. 65 degrees in the upper basket. Clean the product before first commissioning.

melamine products for foods do not withstand microwave and food over 70 ° C.

for your child's safety and health. WARNING! Use only the product under the supervision of an adult. Check the product every time before use. Boxes at first sign of injury or wear. The product can break if lost. Always check the food temperature before serving.

The product is labeled with the glass and fork symbol, which means that the product meets the requirements for food contact materials.

All Sebras Melamine Products review closely controls, and tested by external, accredited analysis institutions to secure , that melamine products do not emit harmful substances, including melamine and formaldehyde to foods in quantities exceeding the permissible limit value. SEBRA's melamine products are in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 284/2011 and Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Sebra is subject to the Danish Food Authority's control as the company sells plates, bowls, cups and Cutlery - all so -called food contact materials. Sebra today has the best possible Danish quality stamp in relation to food security.

About the theme Pixie Land
Pixie Land takes the child into a cozy and nostalgic tale of the little mini -seasons "pixies", which with great enthusiasm move around between forest floor plants, berry bushes, fallen acorns and chestnuts . Nature and the magic of the forest create spaces to immerse themselves in, and with ladybugs, the grasshoppers and other crab-crable animals, such as faithful helpers, the "pixies" collect the many gifts of nature. Pixie Land is about the community and about giving. It is a world where there is time to let your mind wander, where there is room for immersion and how enthusiasm's joy of having found a mature forest strawberry or a four -leaf clover is in fact the essence of it all.