Pabobo Night Light Star Projector - Milky Way

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With Pabobo Dynamic Star projector, the child can snooze under the stars of the Milky Way and to soothing sounds, so-called "white noise." An innovative night light with the latest technology and sound, light and image.

The latest study shows that children more easily fall asleep to a weak background noise, so -called white noise. It has Pabobo Dynamic Star projector - the Milky Way. The night light has three different programs that help the baby fall asleep safely in the evening or fall asleep again when the baby wakes up at night.

Each program has its combination of sounds, rhythms and intensity. As a parent, you choose the program that is best at getting your child to fall asleep, the lamp remembers the selected program. Choose from quiet cradle and sounds from nature.

Having the same Natrutine night after night is a well -known tip for getting young children to fall asleep. With Pabobo Dynamic Star projector, all you need to do is pressing the button when you lie Different lengths, Quiet Child is 20 minutes and Restless Child is 40 minutes, both with a combination of low light, sleepy sounds and a beautiful starry sky that slowly moves dynamically from two different directions. The third program Baby Cry Sensor starts if the baby wakes up at night and gives a soothing sound similar to the sound of the mother's uterus. The child falls asleep again without the parents getting up.

Pabobo Dynamic Star projector is run by three AA batteries. The soft cover can be removed and machine washing in 30 degrees.

Facts Pabobo Dynamic Star projector - The Milky Way

soothing, creates a dynamic starry sky that moves slowly and prisoners children's attention. < /P>

- Music, Choose from cradle and rhythms from nature.

- Smart, automatic extinguishing. Sensor that detects whether the child wakes up and cries, and then starts automatically.

- Practical, the projector can be removed and the soft cover can be washed in machine.

- Safe LED -lamp that doesn't get hot.

- can be set in three positions for quiet children, restless children and children waking up at night.

Size: 27x27x 11 cm

Age: From 0 months

Batteries: 3 AA batteries

Wash: 30 degrees in the machine to the cover.

Material: cover 100% Polyester. House: 100% ABS plastic.