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Pabobo Magic BLO is magical! Blow on the lamp to turn it on and off! It is an innovative night light that provides security for the child. Magic BLO is small and flexible, can be worn by hand and used both at home and on the road. The night light Pabobo Magic BLO has a practical handle so it can easily be hung on the crib, on a shelf or door. The handle also allows the child to easily carry their lamp with them to find their way in the dark. Because it is an LED lamp, it does not get hot so the baby can't burn it.

Pabobo Magic BLO creates a weak and cozy glow in the night dark and lights automatically for an hour after a short press on the lamp button. It is also possible to have the lamp turned on all night if you want to hold the button down for 3 seconds. To change the brightness of the lamp, blow on it. Slowly blow on the star of the lamp and the light rises, blows quickly and it goes off. Magical!

Pabobo Magic BLO Nat lamp is rechargeable and can be turned on for several weeks on a single charge (24 x 1 hour with hours). The integrated timer turns off the light after an hour, and a short stroke against the light turns on again. This is a smart and fun lamp loved by both small and large!

Facts Pabobo Magic BLO

- Magic, sometimes with a stroke

- Two different brightnesses

- Automatic shutdown or all night

- Long Light, (24 x 1 hour with hours)

- LED lamp, becomes Not hot

- Rechargeable, USB charger included

- Handles that make it easy to grab and easy to place

Size: 18 cm high P>

Age: From 0 months

Material: 100% PVC