Pabobo Lumilove Night Light Barbapapa - Pink

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Pabobo Lumilove Barbapapa Night lamp provides a perfect night light that children can take with them day and night. The night light gives a pleasant glow and shines for 24 hours on a single charge.

Barbapapa Night lamp is a LED lamp that doesn't get hot. The child can safely play with his Barbapapa lamp and take it in bed. At full charge, the lamp can light for 24 hours, a charging indicator shows how much time is left. The lamp has two positions either turns off after 1 hour or it can be turned on all night.

Pabobo Lumilove Night Lights Barbapapa Charges in its charging base that is connected to the outlet and you place the Barbapapa lamp in the base when it's time for charging.


  • LED lamp does not get hot
  • < Span Data-Mce-Fragment = 1> Lights for approx. 24 Hours
  • Timer function; one hour or continuous light
  • indicator shows the charge
  • Charging in the charging rack which is connected to the outlet.
  • Age: From 0 months
    Material: 100% PVC
    Warranty: 2 years

    Before First Use:
    1 . Connect the transformer to the base
    2. Connect the transformer to the mains (power supply beyond children's reach).
    3. Place Lumilove vertically on the base so that it is charged correctly (red charging indicator)
    4. Charging time for first use: 12 hours
    5. Then: 8 hours of charging is enough for a maximum use of 24 hours. The charging indicator glows green when your lumilove is fully charged.

    Lights Lumilove with Timer On (Standard):
    Briefly press the button under Lumilove, or get lumil laws from the base. The Lumilove headlights are glowing. A small blue indicator light turns on, the timer is activated. The Lumilove light is automatically turned off after an hour. With a single charge, up to 24 hours of bikes are available.

    To Continuous Lighting mode (Timer OFF):
    Press the button under Lumilove for more than 3 seconds. The Lumilove headlights are glowing. Note that a long press always turns on the continuous state regardless of Lumilove mode (on or off). Lumilove turns off when the battery is discharged (up to 24 hours of full charge autonomy) or if the button is pressed again.

    Note! The base is slightly hot: This is normal and definitely. If Lumilove is not to be used for a long time, we recommend that you disconnect the transformer from the socket (and store it in a dry place). Lumilove is intended for indoor use, it is not waterproof. Clean by wiping gently with a damp cloth. Do not immerse it in water. Take out the charger before cleaning. Do not use this product with a charger other than the included.

    Facts Pabobo Lumilove Night Lights Barbapapa
    -LED- Lamp, does not get hot
    lights for approx. 24 Hours
    -TIME function; one hour or continuous light
    -Indicator shows the charging
    -Charging in the charging rack connected to the socket.
    << BR Data-Mce-Fragment = 1> Age: From 0 Months
    Material: 100% PVC
    Warranty: 2 years