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Mininor breastfeeding posts are the thinnest and best absorbent on the market.

There are 4 benefits of Mininor Breastfeeding Posts:

1. There are ultra absorbent core that suck the milk, it keeps the skin dry for a longer period of time and it protects your clothes from stains. These breastfeeding inserts can be used as both day and natameters.

2. It is an ultra thin insert of 0.8 mm. It is so thin that you will be able to make a clear difference from other breastfeeding inserts. In addition, you may have to use it under tight -fitting clothing. They are packed so they are ready for use without annoying folds.

3. It has an extra inside, which helps keep the surface dry it helps it not stick to the skin.

4. The breastfeeding insert is available in both black and white, so it can be hidden under both light and dark bras.