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Oceanarium - from 'Welcome to the Museum' series. Published by the publisher Mammut.

Almost nothing beats a cozy time with a child on the lap and a book in hand. Now, with this book from 'Welcome to the Museum' series, you can help open new horizons for your minimal - in a giant aesthetic book universe.

oceanarium offers a wealth of learning and amazing illustrations from below sea level.

The minimal person who is marveling at the great world, which is almost invisible, but which plays out below sea level will be engulfed in this masterpiece. Learning will feel fun and straightforward with the giant book as learning master.

goals and specifications

112 pages in hardback. < /P>

Dimensions: 28 x 38 cm.

Authors: Teagan White & amp; Loveday Trinick.

Translated by: Jonas Damgaard-Mørch.

Weight: barely 1.3 kilos.

Date of Coming: 15-10-2021. P>