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Bento 5 is the perfect lunch box for those who are not necessarily for large rye bread, but rather put together the lunch box of many, smaller elements.

The lunch box holds 980 ml. and thus has the same volume as the 'sister' Bento 3. The lunch box is divided into five rooms; 4 rectangular and a square middle space. It closes with a slap that is easy to operate, even for small fingers.

Bento 5 The Midfly Space is smart for eg dressing, nuts, small snacks or the like, while the medium -sized elongated spaces are perfect for food items that Fills a little more. The rectangular spaces can also be transformed into more square with a divider/partition so that the lunch box becomes more versatile.

tight -fitting lunch box

In the lid of the lunch box sits a silicone seal that shuts down over the partitions in the lunch box. This means that all rooms that are sealed end close, and thus you can nicely serve viscous dressing, ketchup, hummus, pesto, etc. In your Little Lunch Box. However, do not put liquid/aqueous foods in the rooms.

bento 5 lunch box - the popular choice

Bento 5 The lunch box is perfect as the lunch box for the non -rye bread -eating who would like a little bigger Versatility in the lunch box - or as the supplementary lunch box for combined morning and afternoon food. The Bento 3 lunch box with the same volume is better for rye bread foods in stack.

Little Lunch Box Co. Accessories

To Little Lunch Box Co. For example, for example, lunch boxes and snack boxes you can use the accessories from the same fire. The small silicone molds/cups are perfect as extra 'serving room'. Likewise, claps can be purchased in other colors, or dividers/partitions to create more spaces in the lunch box.

Dimensions and specifications

Capacity 980 ml.
Width 17.5 cm.
Depth 17.5 cm.
Height 5.6 cm.
Weight 352 g.
Can be washed in dishwasher on the top shelf at no more than 40 degrees.
Made of food approved plastic and silicone, free of BPA.