Leander Matty™ changing mat including topper - Wood rose

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Lovely sampak with height MATTY ™ puzzle pad from Leander incl. Matching tops in soft, organic cotton tilt.

In the package includes: & nbsp;

  • Leander & nbsp ; Matty ™ puzzle pad in the color & nbsp; wood rose
  • tops to & nbsp; matty ™ changing pad in & nbsp; Wood Rose
  • & nbsp;

    Leander Matty Puzzle Puppies

    < IMG SRC = https: //parametre.online/wp0oxx25jh53npmqosel.png width = 0px height = 0px alt => so simple and yet completely unique. With Leander Matty ™ the puzzle pad sets brand new standards for the modern puzzle space. The unique puzzle pad makes it easy and safe to change your child. The pillow is made of the softest PUR foam-a unique material that is one of the closest we get to emulate the feeling of skin. In addition, the surface quickly adapts to the temperature in the room so that it is comfortable for your child to lie on the pillow. The award -winning design has a modern design language that will lift any puzzle space to new heights. The molded Leander Matty ™ puzzle pad is incredibly durable. It has no seams or cracks where dirt and bacteria can hide. This means that the puzzle pad is hygienic, even after several years in daily use. The water -repellent surface is easy to clean and can also be disinfected. The puzzle pad has a stable and non -slip base that ensures that the pillow is stable. You can therefore easily place it on e.g. a dresser, a table or floor. The small rubber feet ensure ventilation so that the substrate under the puzzle pad does not become moist and thus leaves marks. The Matty ™ puzzle pad has been tested and certified according to European Standard for childhood safety and dangerous substances. Winner of the German Design Award 2019.

    Dimensions: H: 11 cm, W: 50 cm, l: 70 cm
    Material: molded pur foam, laminated wooden board
    Product weight: 3 kg
    Approvals: European standard for child safety and dangerous fabrics
    Surface: Water repellent and can withstand Sprit
    Certifications: A 71-3
    Warranty: 3 years
    Maintenance: Clean with a textile cloth with water and mild soap and disinfected with a textile cloth with Sprit.

    Topper to Leander Matty Cushion Puot

    The Soft Leander Topper is made of Organic Cotton tilt and perfectly fits the shape of Leander Matty ™ puzzle pad and Leander Wally ™ wall -hung changing table. Use it as a small towel, or put it under your baby when changing diapers. It will spare your puzzle cushion and help you if accidents happen. The top is reversible. It gives you two different sides and colors and thus more styling options. The colors of the top are matching the colors of Leander Matty ™ puzzle pad.

    Dimensions: B: 45 cm, l: 65 cm
    Material: 100% Organic Cotton Terry
    Maintenance: Wash at max. 40 ° C. Withstands dryer