Leander Bed Rail for Classic Junior Bed - White

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When the Leander Classic ™ Baby Junior Bed has been transformed into a junior bed, you can mount a bed horse to create extra support and security. The bed horse matches the design of Classic ™ Baby Junior Bed and is mounted as part of the bed.
  • By mounting a bed horse creates extra support and security for your child
  • For the child , which sleeps uneasily and turns a lot in sleep
  • provides extra support and security to roll out of bed
  • Mounted on junior bed instead of a wedge

Dimensions: H: 35 cm, L: 99 cm

Material: Formed beech

Product weight: 3.2 kg

Surfaces: Water -based LACK < /P>

Certifications: A 71-3

Warranty: 3 years on all wood and metal parts

Maintenance: Wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Excess water is wiped off with a dry cloth