HAMA Storage Box for HAMA beads (small)

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Small storage box from Hama to your pearls.

The smartest way to store beads. The storage box comes in 3 layers with an associated lid. Each layer can be divided by up to 6 compartments with the associated partitions. Each room can contain 1000 midi beads, which corresponds to 1 bag. The storage box has 3 layers and each layer can be clicked on and off. At the top of the box, click a lid with handles so you can carry 18,000 beads at once.

To make pearls is one of the best exercises for your child's fine motor skills. At the same time, it is cozy and creative togetherness that requires concentration and presence. As a bonus, both children as adults are taken into an analog and slow gear. Put on wonderful music and enjoy yourself with pearl play.

goals and specifications

Measure: L: 16.5 x b: 15.5 x h: 13 cm.

Storage of up to 18,000 midi beads.

CE approved.