HAMA Midi Beads - 1000 pcs. - Cerise (207-33)

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bag with 1000 pcs. Cerise Red Hama Midi Pearls.

The bag of midi beads from Hama is perfect for many hours of play. The beads fit all Hama Midi Pearl Plates and it is only the imagination that limits how many colorful and fine creations the beads can form.

To make pearls is one of the best exercises for your child's fine motor skills. At the same time, it is cozy and creative togetherness that requires concentration and presence. As a bonus, both children as adults are taken into an analog and slow gear. Put on wonderful music and enjoy yourself with Perlleg.


1. Put the beads on a pearl plate.

2. Let an adult iron the pearl plate by putting intermediate paper on the beads and ironing on top until melted lightly.

3. Pull the beads of the pearl plate.

4. Make a new figure.

goals and specifications

1000 pieces. Midi Beads in Pose.

Color Code: Cerise (207-33).

Ø: 5 mm.

is recommended from 5 years.

ce approved.