Doomoo Basic floating bed

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Doomoo Basics Float bed is a soft and practical bathrest that facilitates bathing of your baby.

Doomoo Basics Float bed Span> Fits from newborn to babies weighing up to 8 kg. The bed is filled with small, waterproof EPS balls (frigolit). It provides a soft, moldable and safe mattress for the baby to float in the water in the bath or tub. The parents get both hands free and give a more comfortable position when the child is bathed. The floating bed is also convenient to have in the bath if parents or siblings bathe with the child. When the moving bed is to be used, it is first dipped in the bath water to make it warm and comfortable. Then gently place the child in the middle of the liquid bed. When the child is laid on the bed, soft, protective edges are formed around the baby. The cushion of the bed has a groove in the middle to make sure the child cannot face the water. After bathing it can easily be hung in its loop for quick drying.

Important! - Never leave children unattended in the bathtub. Should not be used with bath oil.

Can be used in all types of baths - provides a more comfortable bathing position for the adult age:

Children 3-8 kg

Wash: 30 degrees in the machine

Dimensions: 56 × 28 × 9 cm

Material: 100% polystyrene EPS balls, 100% polypropylene nonwoven fabric.