Carriwell Mum to Be Graviditets- og hospitalstrusser - 2 stk.

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New and improved version of the Hospital Tussen from Carriwell, made with a seamless technology so that it has a stretch and can at the same time retain its shape, through both pregnancy and after birth.

At the same time as it is good at holding a volume in its place it is also incredibly soft and gentle against the skin. < /P>

The panty can be used in the last months of pregnancy without tightening the stomach.

  • Size: one-size
  • Material: 97% polyester, 3% elastan
  • flexible : For pregnancy, hospital and after birth
  • Be ready : Perfect for your hospital bag
  • special : taking over where your Own panties become unpleasant
  • secure : Designed to hold a volume in place

The package contains 2 pieces.