Carl Oscar SnackDISC - Moose (Orange)

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Orange snack disc with a sweet moose from Carl Oscar.

A nice and practical snackbox for big and small. Snack Disc is designed as a round cassette with a rotary disc/turntable. The turntable has 5 compartments that can be filled with delicious snacks, such as minikiks, raisins, nuts, cucumber, apple, grapes or dried berries/fruit.

Your kids will love the surprise when they turn the disc and see what emerges. The cassette/holster is easily separated from the turntable so that the snacks can be served with a full overview.

Snackdisc is perfect as an indispensable friend in the bag for the little hunger. In the garden or in the park for a cozy picnic. Or as an extra snack in the office, in kindergarten or in school.

goals and specifications

Material: ABS plastic - laboratory approved for food.

Dimensions: 15 x 4.5 cm.

Weight: 205 grams.

Can be separated and can withstand dishwasher.

Design: Carl Oscar.