By Astrup Hobby Horse - White with Spots and Black Mane - 68 cm.

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jaws from By Astrup.

Then you can get ready for the wildest riding competitions at your home. Once the mini -man's jaw is unpacked from the bag, the wild gallop goes through the living rooms.

The horse has a nice mane and a nice headwear , so mini can control it in the right directions.

With the horse follows a backpack that the horse can be carried in on the go.

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until the horse can be purchased a nice horse stable, a jump, medals, strings and accessories.

Attention !! & nbsp; If you also buy the barn for the jaws so remember to purchase barn extenders as the barn also fits horses with rod of 60 cm.

goals and specifications

Target: L: 68 cm W: 27 cm H: 14 cm. The wooden length measures 40 cm., Giving the horse the total height 68 cm.

Material: PU and poplar tree.

NOTE! This is a new version of the jaw party where the rod is slightly shorter than the older versions. It makes it easier to jump with the horse.