bObles Myresluger - Vintage rose

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Creep, crawl, roll and jump. Bubbles ant swallows not only start the imagination but also in the motorcycle, and is an absolute must have for the children's room!

It is impossible not to disappear into the play as the child throws himself over the four different tumbling furniture of ants. The strength lies in the antsluger's multifunctionality- in seconds it can transform itself from rocking chair, staircase and obstacle course to table and chairs for the tea company.

Two of the parts tilt, while the other two are stuck, making stairs- And the stool function for a fun and challenging game for the child, who at the same time has to relate to the change in the breadth of the steps for each step. Set the second least part under one of the two larger and suddenly the child and the tumbling have a fantastic rocking chair or rocking horse. P>

When mom and dad have to make a cup of tea, ant swallows can turn into a fun little crawl farm when the two large parts are laid on the side and put together. Here the little baby can safely sit and wait for her parents while the senses are stimulated on the soft EVA foam.

Combine bobles ant swallows with turtle and let the seated baby or tumble get a fun and safe tilt ride, Or let ant swallows become part of the racing car on tumbling board.

When the baby is going down a pace, ants are fun to stack - and overturn. Just as it is perfect as a balance bomb when it is laid on the side and practiced line dancing.
The natural colors are carefully selected, to create calm, sensory and inspiring surroundings for the child to play in, while the colors, as well as tumbling furniture are timeless and can last for more than one season.

Target: H42 x L48 x B24 cm