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The most smartest Try-it Collection from Bibs.

maybe the smartest box you're ever going to invest in. For for your baby a suck isn't necessarily 'just' a pacifier. I didn't know that myself with my first child, and when I thought the time was coming for a pacifier, the race was running. She wouldn't take a single one. What I would like to know was that the sucking reflex in babies is activated at a point in the baby's palate. And it is different from baby to baby how high/deep/far back this point sits. Therefore, a round and very soft pacifier may be the right choice for some babies, while a flat or symmetrical, perhaps in another material, may be the right choice for others.

In Bib's Try-It Collection you get a whole 4 different pacifiers in size 1. Then you can find the right pacifier for your baby, right from the start.

You get the following pacifier in the package:

- Color (Size 1- Natural Gummilatex)
- de lux ( Size 1 - Silicone)
- Couture (Size 1 - Natural Gummilatex)
- Supreme (Size 1 - Silicone)

Goals and specifications
Str. 1. This size is especially recommended for infants and smaller babies.
100% free of PBA, PVC and phthalates.
Danish designed and produced.

The pacifiers should always be stored clean and dry, eg in a closed box or in a sucking box. Especially avoid putting them in direct sunlight or heat as this can weaken the material. Also do not sterilize the pussy with other a boiled water.

Before the pacifiers are used for the first time, they are poured with boiling water, Then they will be soaked for 5 minutes. Don't cook the pacifiers. Thereafter, they should be regularly sterilized by pouring them with boiling water.